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Plananizer Success Manual: Volume One

FMP! Plananizer Success Manual: Volume One


Skills-to-Gigs Advanced Goal Stratgizer

FMP! Skills-to-Gigs Goal Strategizer: Advanced Gig Strategizer


Fantabulator Personal Practice Evaluator

FMP! Plananizer Practice Companion: Fantabulator Personal Practice Evaluator

Multi-dimensional music practice: effective, efficient...and fun!

You’re looking for help with music practice. You want to get more done in less time…get those tasks organized… Fantabulous Music Practice! Plananizer Success Systemmake your efforts more effective… reach your goals more quickly… overcome boredom… or get an extra edge on your competition. And, it wouldn't hurt to have fun along the way! So you’ve been hunting down a new music practice journal or some tips and techniques that will help. But, you’re vaguely aware that you’re really searching for something more. You want to add a new dimension to your music practice.


You've come to the right place. Fantabulous Music Practice!®, home of the Plananizer® Success System Tri-Series, is the hub of multi-dimensional music practice.

The FMP! Tri-Series covers all three dimensions of music practice:

1-Height Skills-to-Gigs Goal Strategizer™

2-Breadth Plananizer® Success Manual

3-Depth Plananizer® Practice Companion

Sound unique? It is! Let’s look at each dimension…

Skills-to-Gigs Goal Strategizer1-Height is how high you want to go with your music. You have dreams, and you need achievable goals to get you there, to transform those dreams into reality. The green Skills-to-Gigs Goal Strategizer™ series gives you the green "go light" to help pin down your dreams and map out the goal strategy to make them happen.

Plananizer Success Manual2-Breadth is how broad a spectrum your music practice must cover. You’ve got assignments for lessons—as well as personal goals to build your skills and prepare for your gigs—and you need help juggling it all. The blue Plananizer® Success Manual series will keep you "sky-blue calm" by helping you plan out your weekly tasks and goals and organize your daily practice to make it all happen without breaking out in a sweat. The High-Five Success Prep Guide gives you five easy steps to efficient and effective practice, and the Plananizer® Principles will keep your practice varied, interesting, and creative so that you can have fun along the way.

Plananizer Practice Companion3-Depth is how deeply you dig into the details of your practice. Nonchalant, note-skimming practice results in shallow, boring performances (if you’re lucky) and disastrous stage-fright calamities (if you’re not lucky). You must dig deeply into those technical passages to make your fingers cooperate and the notes fly. You must dig deeply into those lyrical passages to make those phrases soar and those pianissimo’s whisper. To do this, you need nitty-gritty practice tools and techniques that match the challenge and do the job. The purple Plananizer® Practice Companion series will help you give those musical passages the purple "royal treatment" they deserve.

Ready? Here are some links to get you started:

We’ve only just begun to put all this on the web, so bookmark this site and come back soon and often for updates. And "Welcome!" to a new dimension!

Debra Youngblood

P.S. Yes, that’s really me (Debra) in the photos!  

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